Retro means old but cool.

I grew up with the Commodore C64 but was never able to master the machine. I was young, I wanted to play the latest games and let other people do the pioneer work on exploring this incredible hardware. Today I have better skills to catch up on what it takes to code the C64. I will share what I learn along the way. Enjoy the trip to the past!

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22.09.2014BlogThree C64-Related Kickstarter-Projects You May Have Missed
16.08.2014BlogLost Treasures - The Commodore Production Line in Hong Kong
27.04.2014BlogReporting Back For Duty
26.06.2013BlogExpect the Unexpected
24.05.2013TutorialsEpisode 3-9: Greetings, Acknowledgments and Links
24.05.2013TutorialsEpisode 3-8: If the SID doesn't fit, use a bigger Hammer
24.05.2013TutorialsEpisode 3-7 - Creating Pseudo Timers for Color Cycle
24.05.2013TutorialsEpisode 3-6: Custom Character Sets - Hello CharPad
24.05.2013TutorialsEpisode 3-5: Taking Command of the Ship Controls
24.05.2013TutorialsEpisode 3-4: Flying the Space Ship off Course
24.05.2013TutorialsEpisode 3-3: Loading Shapes and grasping Symbols
24.05.2013TutorialsEpisode 3-2: Creating the Shapes - Hello SpritePad
24.05.2013TutorialsEpisode 3-1: Spritro - an Intro with a Sprite
23.05.2013Knowledge BaseWhatever you like - Coming to Addressing Modes
10.05.2013BlogDustlayer Photos of the Week 10.05.2013
07.05.2013Knowledge BaseHardware Basics Part 2 - A Complicated Relationship
07.05.2013Knowledge BaseHardware Basics Part 1 - Tick Tock, know your Clock
29.04.2013Knowledge BaseVIC-II for Beginners Part 5 - Bringing Sprites in good Shape
27.04.2013BlogDustlayer Photos of the Week 27.04.2013
26.04.2013Knowledge BaseVIC-II for Beginners Part 4 - Screen Modes Cheaper by the Dozen
25.04.2013Knowledge BaseVIC-II for Beginners Part 3 - Beyond the Screen: Rasters and Cycles
23.04.2013Knowledge BaseVIC-II for Beginners Part 2 - To have or not to have Character
22.04.2013Knowledge BaseVIC-II for Beginners Part 1 - When Visibility Matters
20.04.2013BlogDustlayer Photos of the Week 20.04.2013
20.04.2013Knowledge BaseMath Basics Part 3 - Bit Manipulation
19.04.2013Knowledge BaseMath Basics Part 2 - Calculating in three systems
19.04.2013Knowledge BaseMath Basics Part 1 - Know your Numbering Systems
17.04.2013BlogDUST 0.5.0 released - Removed Win32 Emulation
16.04.2013BlogDUST 0.4.6 released
16.04.2013BlogDUST 0.4.5 released + some hints
14.04.2013Knowledge BaseRam under Rom - a brief look into C64 memory
14.04.2013TutorialEpisode 2-5: Understanding and including music
14.04.2013TutorialEpisode 2-4: Effects using a table of data
14.04.2013TutorialEpisode 2-3: Did I interrupt you?
13.04.2013TutorialEpisode 2-2: Writing to the C64 Screen
13.04.2013TutorialEpisode 2-1: Let's compile and run C64 code
13.04.2013TutorialEpisode 1-2: working without DUST environment
13.04.2013TutorialEpisode 1-1: Introduction to DUST - the Mac tool for C64 development
13.04.2013BlogPress Play On Tape