Retro means old but cool.

I grew up with the Commodore C64 but was never able to master the machine. I was young, I wanted to play the latest games and let other people do the pioneer work on exploring this incredible hardware. Today I have better skills to catch up on what it takes to code the C64. I will share what I learn along the way. Enjoy the trip to the past!

DUST 0.5.0 released - removed Win32 emulation

I have released a new Version of DUST and removed the setup routines to install Win32 emulation.

How to update:  sudo npm -g install dustlayer

Why the removal of Setup Options for Win32 Emulation?
The automatic installation simply does not work satisfactory. There are countless sources of errors depending on OSX Version, previously installed Wine version and directory permissions. I realized it is much easier and straight-forward to write a short tutorial on how to get Wine working on Mac OSX instead. 

A nice side-effect is that the whole DUST setup runs now through in less than 90 seconds on a standard OSX system.

Expect a tutorial on Win32 Emulation on Mac next week as chapter of a new episode which discusses playing with sprites where we want to use a Windows-Application to edit our graphics. That is unless I find an alternative Sprite Editor on Mac - if you know any, let me know.