Retro means old but cool.

I grew up with the Commodore C64 but was never able to master the machine. I was young, I wanted to play the latest games and let other people do the pioneer work on exploring this incredible hardware. Today I have better skills to catch up on what it takes to code the C64. I will share what I learn along the way. Enjoy the trip to the past!

DUST 0.4.6 released

I have released another new Version of DUST to address a problem affecting users of Unarchiver which led to the problem that WineBottler and the Win32 apps were not set up properly. 

How to update:  sudo npm -g install dustlayer 
How to test a previous setup: dust test
Run setup again: dust setup

When 'dust test' reveals there are tools missing, you can just re-run the setup process.

Note that when the setup routine installs WineBottler for the first time - it will open the program during installation so it does some initial configuration. You must first confirm that you want to open the program.

In the meantime, the configuration in the terminal window will finish up. You can close the Wine Install window when the following message appears.

Winebottler Configuration is completed - close this window.

Run 'dust test' again in the terminal and everything should be fine.