Retro means old but cool.

I grew up with the Commodore C64 but was never able to master the machine. I was young, I wanted to play the latest games and let other people do the pioneer work on exploring this incredible hardware. Today I have better skills to catch up on what it takes to code the C64. I will share what I learn along the way. Enjoy the trip to the past!

About Dustlayer

Dustlayer.com is a blog focused on topics around programming the Commodore C64. The content is aimed to beginners to 6502 code yet people who have a good understanding of programming in another language.

Dustlayer is also the name of the group founded by myself to gather people who want to share their coding knowledge to keep the fascination for the C64 alive for generations to come.

Last but not least I will publish blog posts with random things but related to my addiction to exploring the Commodore C64 or vintage gaming. 

C64 Coding Tutorials

I am a beginner so I write for beginners. If you are a passioned C64 coder and think what I write does not make sense, please let me know. I am at the very beginning of my journey to become a good C64 coder.  The tutorials on this site follow an integrated concept. I write a blog post, maybe publish a video. There is the full code which can be cloned from a repository or downloaded via dust. Everything is supposed to just work as long as you either stick with the dust setup or use ACME for cross compiling C64 sources. 

Whenever there is something sort of foundational which repeats again and again  will write up an additional article and stick it into a knowledge base section under the appropriate category and cross-link to this one. The idea is to not clutter the tutorials with too much basis information.

This is the home of the DUST utility 

DUST is a command line tool for Mac OSX to give you a working cross-development environment within three minutes. It downloads, installs and configures everything you need to start development and provides  commands to build and run new projects.

Read all about how DUST can help you to get into coding the C64 on Mac OSX.

About Me

I have written some lines about me in this blog post. The short version is: I am old-school and in particular a C64 enthusiast but also a collector of consoles and video games from the good old times.

Want to join Dustlayer or contribute? 

I am looking for people who want to contribute to the site, write tutorials, create graphics, music and release demos on C64. High quality and easy to understand writing and some creative work is what I would expect from anyone who wants to be part of this. Dustlayer is free of charge and advertisments - it's a fun project I do in my free time - so should you.

Contact me if you think this is something you like to be part of.