Retro means old but cool.

I grew up with the Commodore C64 but was never able to master the machine. I was young, I wanted to play the latest games and let other people do the pioneer work on exploring this incredible hardware. Today I have better skills to catch up on what it takes to code the C64. I will share what I learn along the way. Enjoy the trip to the past!

DUST 0.4.5 released + some hints

I have released a new Version of DUST to address some reported problems and tweak a few commands.

How to update:  sudo npm -g install dustlayer

Optimized commands:

  • dust create <directory>    # this will create a new empty project from a template. The templates are stored on my github account. A list will appear and you can simply choose what template you would like to download.
  • dust tutorials  # the tutorials commands before was a bit awkward so I have simplified it. The new command will list all tutorials and gives you a prompt to just choose what you like to download

Fixed Problems:

  • There was a [WARN] message when DUST was installed due to an outdated plugin I used. I have updated the plugin and the Warning has disappeared
  • For whatever reason the important Build-Scripts for 6502 and BASIC have not been copied with the first released version of DUST (0.4.0). This works fine now. If the command 'DUST test' shows you that build scripts are missing, please just run 'DUST setup' again - overwriting an existing setup is safe.


  • Usually Win32-Apps should be associated with Wine by default after WineBottler was installed. However, you may have some other tool installed on OSX that already associated the extension .exe , e.g. Unarchiver. To fix this, just right click on any Win32 Application which are stored under your Home directory under /Wine Files/drive_c/Program Files and adjust the file association to Wine.

Associate Win32 Apps with Wine if this is not done by default on your system

Associate Win32 Apps with Wine if this is not done by default on your system