Retro means old but cool.

I grew up with the Commodore C64 but was never able to master the machine. I was young, I wanted to play the latest games and let other people do the pioneer work on exploring this incredible hardware. Today I have better skills to catch up on what it takes to code the C64. I will share what I learn along the way. Enjoy the trip to the past!

Episode 3-9: Greetings, Acknowledgments and Links

Writing this Episode would have not been possible without lots of information spread all over the net. Here are some acknowledgments.


Spritro Font: Rambo - First Blood Part II (Ocean Software)
Spritro Music: Empty (512 Bytes) by 4-Mat
Spritro Sprite: Uridium (Hewson)

External Resources

Episode 3-2: Creating the Shapes - Hello SpritePad

SpritePad 1.8.1 is a program by SubChrist Software [Download]
WineBottler is a program by Mike Kronenberg [Download]

Episode 3-4: Flying the Space Ship off Course

Top/Bottom Border Routine by HCL/Booze Design [Link]
Explanation inspired by Forums Post by Ferris [Link]

Episode 3-5: Taking Command of the Ship Controls

Keyboard Matrix based on an ASCII Table by TWW [Link]

Episode 3-6: Custom Character Sets - Hello CharPad

CharPad 1.8.3 is a program by SubChrist Software [Download]

Episode 3-8: If the SID doesn't fit, use a bigger Hammer

SidReloc is an utility coded by Linus Akesson [Download]


Greetings go out to the 90+ Likers of the Dustlayer Facebook Page, the guys idling in #c-64 who always have great input when I have questions and likewise to the people sending me very encouraging emails and do comments on the blog postings. Special shout out to Diamenta Princessa who runs Commocore

Thank you all!